Discounts - BP Employees:

Because BP has done sooooo much to eliminate the disease... M.S. - El Jarrito would like to honor them all year around. If you are a BP employee, show your badge, along with a PRINT-OUT of THIS PAGE and receive a 15% discount!

Real BP Engineers get their gas from our Charro Beans. NOT the Gulf of Mexico!

And, El Jarrito Charro Bean Gas... is EPA approved. It
es not produce Green-house Gases!

All restrictions below apply:

  • This coupon must be printed and brought to El Jarrito
  • Not valid on split checks less than $25.00,
  • One coupon per table or one coupon for to-go orders,
  • This coupon is not valid if customer chooses a daily discount or Happy Hours discount within the El Jarrito Restaurant,
  • Coupon valid every day of the week except holidays, and
  • Coupon void as of closing on last day of month shown above.

September 15, 2016


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