About El Jarrito

Our History

El Jarrito opened for business in November 23, 1998. It is a family owned business, owned by Gildardo (Gil) Leon y familia. Senor Leon for many years worked as a waiter at a Mexican Restaurant near BP in Houston, Texas. Here he gained his experience in the restaurant business.

In early 1998, he and his family began to make ALL the tables, chairs, and booths that you now see in the restaurant. There were many drops of sweat in the making of all the furniture. But, alas, it was completed.

When El Jarrito first opened, there were many challenges. Mr. Leon needed to learn to manage. He had only waited tables before, but knew he could make delicious plates of Mexican food. After a learning curve of how to manage a restaurant, he began to improve in service. Today, both service and food is GREAT! The food is made FRESH daily. For two years in a row, El Jarrito Mexican Restaurant was chosen by the general public on http://www.citysearch.com as “The Best Mexican Restaurant” in all of Houston. He wishes to thank you for this honor!

Due to a fantastic growth in his business, Mr. Leon purchased new land and built his own restaurant where he currently serves the food we all love. The grand opening of the current restaurant on Highland Knolls took place in August 11, 2005. Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas, was on hand to cut the opening ribbon along with many other State and Local dignitaries.

Mr. Leon and family are now citizens of the United States of America. The were born in Celaya, Mexico. They take pride in their heritage of Mexico, but at the same time, they are extremely proud to be citizens of this GREAT country. Gil (Gildardo) Leon is an example of what can be done in this country if one only works hard and has good principles in business.

(This was written by his proud friend…. John Warner)

This project was made possible by the thoughtful contributions of the following people: Lynn Bortka, John Warner, Randal Roacket.




We welcome the opportunity to talk with you if you are looking for employment for we are frequently looking for GOOD:

  • busboys,
  • cooks,
  • hosts,
  • waiters, and
  • managers.


Nosotros queremos la oportunidad de hablar con usted si usted está buscando empleo porque nosotros frecuentemente estamos buscando para BUENO: 

  • busboys,
  • cocineros,
  • saludadores para nuestros invitados cuando ellos entran,
  • camareros, y
  • gerentes.

English: If you should like to send us an email and resume, just click the button below and we shall contact you.

Spanish: Si Ud. quiere enviarnos un email y reasumir, simplemente pulse el botón debajo y nosotros debemos contacto usted.


One hot Place

Our main dining room is THE home of FIESTAS. You cannot eat here without wanting to sing and smile. When the food is served, you will automatically want someone to come and sing “happy birthday” to you when it is not even you birthday.

If you come alone, you will want to walk over and ask, can I join you at your table or will you come over to my table and join me… this is a Fiesta!

This main dining room holds comfortably 190 hungry folks. But, hey who wants to be comfortable. Come on over and join the crowd!

Our Team

Hello, my name is Gil Leon, owner of El Jarrito Restaurant y Cantina in Katy, Texas. It is truly a pleasure to serve you! In the year 2002 & 2003, we were selected by the “voter audience” of “citysearch.com” as the BEST MEXICAN FOOD RESTAURANT is all of HOUSTON! We thank you for that great honor. We feel that three things have contributed to this: our food, our GREAT STAFF, and the fun that you experience while eating with us.

It has been my life long dream to own my own restaurant. Now that my dream has come true, it will be my life long dream to please you! I hope that you enjoy yourself each time that you come to our restaurant. If there is something that displeases you, please let me know and I will personally try to correct it for you. I, my wife Maria, and children, Julio and Maria say “bienvenidos!” And for you our WONDERFUL customers…. we try hard to make YOU feel that El Jarrito…. is YOUR home and “Es One Hot Place!”

Whatcha Wanna

Head Waiter

Kay Pasa

Head of Complaints

Marga Rita

Lemonade Maker

How To Find Us


21724 Highland Knolls • Katy, Texas 77450

Phone & Email

Phone: (281) 579-8844
Email: eljarritorest@att.net

Working Hours

Sun-Thu: 11:00 - 21:30hrs
Fri-Sat 11:00 - 22:00hrs